Old-Time Photography XII – Chickens

Tonight I was searching for some pictures to use for a New Year post but instead ran across two interesting picture.  When I saw the pictures I thought of my Old-Time Photography series, so here is the first new post in the series in almost two years.

baby, chicks, chicken, old-time photography, porchThis picture is from 1920 and is of my Grandma playing on the porch with a bunch of little chicks.

chicken, grandma, teenager, barnyard, old-time photographyThis picture was taken in 1934, as the back of the pictures says that my Grandma was 14 and 3/4’s.

I believe that the picture was taken by my Great Grandmother and it is her shadow in the bottom left corner.

The back of the picture also has:

p.s. who is the other chicken

I am wondering if she had the baby picture in mind as she took this picture with the chicken in front of her.

However, it is more likely a first day of school picture in which the chicken just happened to wander into the frame at the right time.

You can find more of my Old-Time Photography posts by clicking on the link in this sentence.

Which of these pictures are the most interesting?


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