Old Pictures of Dogs

Tonight I will share some old pictures of dogs. I ran across them while searching for something else and my mind wandered.

dogs, dog, railroad tracks, b/w pictureThis one is titled ‘Dog on Tracks.” I am not sure where this picture was taken, but it looks like it would have been fun to take a walk down the tracks along with your dog.

I am sure that this was taken in Iowa. Perhaps in Page county where my Dad grew up.

dog, farm equipment, tires, tractor, farmHere is a dog doing what dogs do. Sniffing tires.

I like this old tractor and plow. My Grandpa and Uncle Howard are getting the tractor ready to do some work.

great grandma, dog, iowaNow switching to the other side of my family here is my Great Grandma Pearl with her dog.

Edit: Found out that the dog’s name is Shorty.

Hotchkiss, dogs, farm houseHere is my Grandma’s youngest brother Fred with their dogs Ring and Bounce.

Dog, collie, Ottumwa, blue truckMoving forward a bit in time to the color era here is our dog, Lucky II. He is at the McGlumphry’s house north of Ottumwa, Iowa.

Also in this picture is our old blue truck. My brother was wondering if I had a picture of the truck earlier this year. I wish I would have found this picture at that time.

Some good memories of dogs tonight, hopefully the bad memories will not appear.


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