The Chemnitz Christmas Market

Last December I made a trip to Chemnitz, Germany to visit a special museum exhibit. See: Life at the Dead Sea

leben am toten meer, life at the dead sea, SMAC, ChemnitzAfter visiting the museum I went and visited the Christmas market.

christmas market, chemnitz, germanI really like this entrance into the Christmas market. The iron work is very nice.

christmas market, chemnitz, germanDepending on the size of the Christmas market there are sometimes multiple stages for entertainment. This was one of the smaller stages.

christmas market, chemnitz, germanYou will also see a large tree. One thing I have noticed is that the shape of the tree is usually much different than what you see in America.

In this picture you can also see some of the lines of huts where the vendors have their wares on display. Chemnitz is a larger city than Jena so the market was larger than what I am used to seeing.

christmas market, chemnitz, germanYou will also see large Weihnachtspyramides at the Christmas markets. It would be interesting to see this one lit up at night.

christmas market, chemnitz, germanThere is a lot of good food at the Christmas markets. I didn’t have too much time before I had to head to the train station so I just had a Thüringer Rostbratwurst. I was quite hungry that evening when I returned to Jena 🙂

I just realized that this trip to Germany was just a little over a year ago. Monday marked one year without taking a flight somewhere. I wonder how much longer it will be until my next travels.




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