A Saturday Afternoon Walk

This afternoon I took a walk around the park.

saturday afternoon walk, red leaves, fallThe leaves in the trees have been changing color.

cloudy sky, sunset, parkIt was late afternoon and the sunset was beginning.

flock of birds, circling, moonA small flock of birds was circling around in the sky. You could also see the moon high in the sky.

sunset, winter, parkAs I turned back at the end of the park a view of the sunset opened up and it was beautiful with the silhouettes of the trees.

saturday sunset, park, viewAs I headed back home the sunset intensified and I captured this interesting view of branches full of seed pods silhouetted against the sky.

I am used to walking late at night after dark, but have to make sure I am in by 10 for the next month. The curfew starts tonight.



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2 Responses to A Saturday Afternoon Walk

  1. Good for the sole/soul.

  2. Sandra says:

    Beautiful shots! Take good care.

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