Virtual Hike to Plymouth, Massachusetts

The next destination on my Virtual Hike was Plymouth, Massachusetts where one of my ancestors landed 400 years ago in 1620. George Soule was one of the passengers of the Mayflower.

plymouth colony, mayflower, 1620, 400 years, virtual hikeThis segment of the Virtual Hike started in Providence, Rhode Island which was founded by my 10th Great Grandfather Roger Williams in 1636.

The route starts in Rhode Island and goes through Massachusetts.

virtual hike, norton, massachusetts, bramanAlong the route I passed through Norton, Massachusetts. Some of my Braman ancestors lived in Norton in the early 1700’s.

plymouth, virtual hike, soule, mayflowerMy destination of course has several sites related to the Mayflower and the Pilgrims.

I would like to actually go to Plymouth some day and visit the sites I am visiting virtually.

Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims, soule, mayflower, 1620Here is a picture from Google Maps Street View of Plymouth Rock. There is an interesting story about why this rock is not very big now. Was it the place where the passengers of the Mayflower stepped ashore? All that is really known for sure is that it was in this general area.

mayflower II, Plymouth, Pilgrims, 1620There is a replica of the Mayflower known as the Mayflower II that is docked at a pier in Plymouth Bay. It doesn’t seem like it would be big enough to hold as many passengers as were on it.

There were plans for major celebrations in Plymouth on November 21, but most of them had to be cancelled due to Covid-19.

You may see different dates for the landing of the Mayflower passengers at Plymouth Rock. Because the landing happened before the Gregorian Calendar was introduced you may see an earlier date mentioned.

Now to determine what the future route of the Virtual Hike will be. I am thinking of heading north, but not sure yet how far north.


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