Curfew Time

Starting on Saturday we will have a curfew in most of California.

The curfew has been implemented to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Curfew will be 10pm to 5am for the next month.

Boyhood Home, Ottumwa Iowa, Old HouseThis makes me think back to what my curfew was growing up.

hamburg street light, main street, hamburg iowaWhen we were little our curfew was usually street light related.

street light, curfew, time to be homeWhen the streetlights came on it was time to head home or we would soon be in trouble.

High School Home, Ashland, KansasAs I got older I didn’t necessarily have a set curfew, but there was an unwritten rule to be home soon after night time school activities were over. Of course, there were exceptions and as long as my parents knew where I was it was usually OK.

Of course those days were long before cellphones so it was not as easy to let them know if you would be late. So, you had to make sure you were home on time 🙂

california curfew, purple counties, covid-19The counties that are purple in the map above are under the curfew that starts on Saturday night. These are the counties that are in the most restrictive tier for COVID-19. Of course, other counties can add a curfew or have stricter guidelines.

The question is how strict will the enforcement of the curfew be, and will people observe the curfew. I am already hearing word that some law enforcement agencies do not plan on strict enforcement.

I am also sure that many do not plan on observing the curfew. Not following guidelines for the prevention of the spread of the virus is one of the main reasons why we are in the situation we are in now.

Just think about why our parents had curfews for us when we were young? Most of us did not realize it at the time, but it was for our protection. The same applies today. Let us show people that we love them and work together to slow the spread of the virus.


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1 Response to Curfew Time

  1. My sympathies to the state. I have cousins in California. Curfew to me is nothing. We have a curfew here at the Apartments, childish. I had no curfew growing up. My parents trusted me. I was well behaved.
    They say curfew, I do the opposite.

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