Safer Hot Water

Earlier this week I wrote about my Water Woes.

My water heater stopped working, and after a bit of searching for fixes I decided that the repair was beyond my skill level. Especially since it would involve disconnecting a gas line.

I decided to give Sears a call since it was a Kenmore model. I was only without water for a little more than a day when the technician arrived.

The technician had barely stepped up to the water heater before he was asking me for a piece of paper. He wrote down a phone number for me to call since the water heater had a recall on it.

water heater recall, hot water heater, heater control, garage, plumbingHe was able to at least reset the controller so that I could have hot water until the needed work was done. I also found out the way to reset the controller if I ever need to again 🙂

Next up was a call to get a work code and a list of authorized people who could do the recall work.

Luckily the first place I called was able to get someone out here this morning to do the work. However, this time I didn’t have to go without hot water for the whole time.

water heater recall, hot water heater, heater control, garage, plumbingI did have to drain the water heater last night so it would be ready for them this morning.

This meant attaching a hose and then getting out my ladder to get to the shutoff valve way up near the ceiling.

This morning I had a class I was to start teaching at 9:00 so was hoping they would get here well before then. I was given a time of 8:00 to 9:00, but closer to 8:00. They arrived barely after 8:00 so that was good.

I asked how long it would take and explained that I would be starting a class a bit later. When they told me 15-20 minutes all was good 🙂

water heater recall, hot water heater, heater control, garage, plumbingThey soon had both the control module and the burner out of the system and were putting in the new ones as both were covered in the recall. The burner module looked a bit scary with all the green stuff on the screen.

Fortunately it should be safer now and I will have a reliable source of hot water for years to come. I just need to remember to drain the tank once a year.

Ankerstein, NF24, building blocks, hobbiesThe two plumbers would have been gone in less than 20 minutes but one of them saw what was sitting on my dining room table. I just had to show them a little bit about Ankerstein before they left. They thought it was pretty cool, and the buildings do look much more impressive in person than in the pictures.

I am just glad to have reliable hot water again and know that the water heater is safe.




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