Water Woes II

Today I am having Water Woes.

shower, shelter in place, cleanThis morning the water in the shower was not getting hot, and I knew something must have happened. Visions of water flowing across my garage floor came to mind, which is what happened six years ago when I didn’t have hot water.

New Water Heater - Earthquake Straps - Insulation Blanket - Hot WaterI was really hoping that this was not the case. I went out to the garage and took a look and thankfully there was no leakage. This picture is from six years ago after the new water heater was installed. It was still a bit wet.

I took a look and the controller did not have a blinking light like it normally should. This meant for sure that something was wrong.

I tried to restart the pilot, but unfortunately did not have any luck. Instead, I eventually got a diagnostic code that showed that there was something wrong with the controller.

After some searching on the internet I decided that it was not an easy DIY fix.

I have a service man coming on Wednesday morning and hopefully will have hot water again by the afternoon.

dishwasher, used more, shelter in placeThis made me think of what I use hot water for, and how long could I go without.

I don’t run the dishwasher too often, although it is used a bit more now that I am home all the time.

If really needed I can heat up water with my kettle to do dishes, but I do have clean dishes for a week or so.

clothes washer, cleaning, choresI only use hot water when washing whites, and I am set for at least a couple more weeks.

salmon rice miso soupI don’t need hot water from the tap for tea, that is what a kettle is for.

Perhaps this came at a good time. I can go a day or two without a shower. It wouldn’t be the first time this year I haven’t taken a shower for a few days.

How long could you go without hot water?



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