First Trip to Australia

I was looking through some old pictures tonight and found some that I took during my first trip to Australia. I was really excited for this trip as I would be teaching a course on my sixth continent.

My first trip to Australia was in December 2004 and followed right on the heels of a trip to Germany. When I first made the arrangements for the trip to Australia the trip to Germany was not on my schedule. However, I had to go to Germany as we were finalists in a global company competition. We ended up winning the award, so it was worth only have a day at home between trips.

I could have shared some personal pictures of some friends that I met the first day in Australia, I can’t share pictures of my class, but I will share some pictures of a Saturday spent touring through downtown Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia, first tripI took the train into the Central Business District and here was my first view from the rain platform. You can see the iconic Harbour Bridge.

The day was overcast and a bit chilly. Of course who would think of sunscreen on a day like that. I ended up getting a bit of a sunburn.

Sydney, Harbour, sailing ship, sailsOne of my first goals of the day was to walk across the bridge. As I headed that way I spotted an old sailing ship. Almost every trip since, I have walked by this area as it has a great view.

Sydney Opera House, Australia, seagull, harbourHere was a picture of the Sydney Opera House that I took from that point. I like the seagull on the post.

Sydney skyline, harbour bridge, australiaHere is a picture that I took after crossing the bridge. In the many trips to Australia since that time I don’t remember walking all the way across the bridge again. I have walked out onto the bridge, but not too far.

The skyline of Sydney has change a bit since this time, with eight more buildings in the CBD over 150m (~500 feet) tall. However, it will soon undergo a major transformation with several buildings under construction and quite a few approved, including a new tallest for the CBD.

After crossing back over the bridge I wandered by the Sydney Opera House and through the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was a full day of walking.

sydney boat club, harbour, AustraliaI did not have a chance to see the downtown area at night on that trip as I had to find my way to the company Christmas party that was held at a yacht club. I was able to figure out the trains and buses and made it in time.

I have some good memories of that first trip. I see many of the people I met during that first on my return trips. However, mostly personal friends now, as there are only a few who are still with the company after 16 years. Several have retired, and others have moved on to other opportunities.


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