Jet Lag without the Flight

For the next two weeks I will be virtually somewhere else. I am teaching a hybrid remote course in Dallas this week and in Philadelphia next week.

We started out on Thursday with on-line lecture while the students were still at home. Over the weekend the first group flew to Dallas for the hands-on portion of the course that started today and will run through the week.

I have an experienced engineer at each location who will be helping me with the hands-on portion of the course while I observe from home through Microsoft Teams.

We did the same thing last month with a different instrument.

I am already feeling the effects of having to get up three hours early and next week it will be even worse since Philadelphia is an hour further ahead. At least I don’t have a long commute. It is not far to the dining room table where my home office setup is.

It is also hard to go to bed early when you are at home following your regular routine.

Walk to Lunch, Dallas, River Walk, Love Field, Embassy SuitesThe last time I was in Dallas was for a course in the same hotel where the training was held last month and again this week. The hotel overlooks a river and has a beautiful walkway to nearby shops and restaurants.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Chick-fil-A, good Food, fast foodI ate at a Chick-fil-A for the first time on that trip. Since it was right by the hotel I ate there several times.

Apartment, Devry, Student Housing, TexasI am of course having memories again of living in the Dallas area. Here is the first apartment I lived in while going to school there.

Tom Thumb, Tom Thumb Page, Work, Cullum Corporation, Safeway, Irving TexasI am also thinking of the grocery store where I worked when I started my career in the medical field by working in the pharmacy. I ran across my name tag while going through some boxes this weekend.

Lots of memories while teaching this class. It would be nice to be there in person.


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4 Responses to Jet Lag without the Flight

  1. Berdyne Fultz says:

    What a your degree in? You mention engineer and then later “worked in the medical field at a pharmacy” . So now you have my curiosity up! I know you are a teacher, but of what? I enjoy your blog. Berdyne

  2. Econogal says:

    I would love to hear your thoughts on using Microsoft Teams. I am looking for alternatives in distance communication.

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