Sunset Contrast

This evening we had a blah sunset, but last night there was a fantastic one. It was quite a contrast.

poor sunset, sunset, smoke sunset, dull colorsHere is the sunset from tonight. What color you see in the sky is from the smoke in the air which is not good. After a week of clear air I again smelled smoke in the air yesterday and it has continued today.

sunset, clouds, colorful sky, silhouettesHere is the sunset from last night. There were many clouds in the sky and there was not much smoke in the upper levels of the atmosphere. Most of the smoke was close to the surface.

However, today the winds shifted and we have more upper level smoke.

sunset, clouds, colorful sky, silhouettesLast night we even had a nice backset with pink clouds to the east.

sunset, clouds, colorful sky, silhouettesI like the nice silhouettes of the houses and trees against the colorful sky. I had a great view down the street.

sunset, clouds, colorful sky, silhouettesAs the sun dropped lower the clouds started to lose detail and soften out. I enjoyed the sunset while it lasted. I knew that with the wind shifts that we would not have one tonight, and I was right.

I am not looking forward to the weather this week as the temperatures are again going to be over 100 degrees. Hopefully the area of high pressure will move through quicker than the current models are predicting. I am sure that people in the Midwest would also like this to happen as they are getting big thunderstorms because of it.

Time to do more sheltering in place 🙂


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  1. Sorry to all that have to suffer from neglect. Heard they started from neglect management.

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