Autumn Leaves

It is now autumn and time for the leaves to start changing color and fall from the trees.

I was inspired to post pictures of leaves tonight after seeing a post on Instagram earlier today.

Last leaves, fall, Platte City, Hiking TrailHere are some of the last remaining leaves on a tree in Platte City, Missouri. This was taken during the Thanksgiving holiday a couple years ago.Yellow Leaves, Fall Color, Jena, GermanyHere are some colorful leaves by our office in Jena, Germany.

Fall Leaves, San Ramon, Fall Color, Autumn, Red and Yellow leavesI took this picture some years ago while attending a team building event in San Ramon, California. I really like the dense layer of leaves on the sidewalk.

Beautiful Red Fall Leaves from Crawfordsville, Indiana - Lew Wallace Study MuseumThis picture of beautiful orange-red leaves was taken on the steps of the Lew Wallace Study Museum in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Do you know what blockbuster movie was based off of a book written by Lew Wallace?

Fall Color - Red Leaves - Fall Foliage - World Series - Red Sox and Cardinals - TorontoI will end with a picture of two maple leaves on a sidewalk in Toronto, Canada. I really like the one on the right since it has more detail.

I hope that we have a nice color change here this year.


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