Postcards from Paris II

Tonight I am watching a show about the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris.

This has me thinking of the post that I wrote that day, so will simply share it again with some minor modifications.

That day my mind wandered to a trip that I made decades ago to France. I only spent a very short time in Paris, but could see the cathedral from the street my hotel was on.

Notre Dame, Paris, Fire, Memories, PostcardI tried to find the pictures that I had taken while I was there, but they must be tucked away somewhere else than in my picture archives.

However, I did find some postcards that I had bought. At that time I bought postcards almost everywhere that I traveled.

Scenes from Paris, Notre Dame, Paris, Fire, memoriesI was given a very quick tour of central Paris while I was there, but did not have time to go inside the cathedral.  My main destination had been further south in Lyon, and I was only flying in and out of Paris.

l'Arc de Triomphe, Paris, Tourist, MemoriesWe drove around l’Arc de Triomphe while in heavy traffic, so I just got a glimpse of it.

I still remember the tiny little car that we were in. It was easy to park as it did not take much space, but not the easiest to see out of.

Paris, Eiffel Tour, la Tour Eiffel, memoriesI was able to get out of the car at the Eiffel Tower and got to real quickly run under the tower and take some pictures. I was hoping to have found one of them tonight for my post.

Notre Dame, Cathredral, Fire, Book shops, RiverI have some nice memories of walking along the street across the Seine from the Notre Dame Cathedral. I do remember browsing through the many shops full of books, but don’t remember if I bought any.

Someday I need to go back to Paris again. It has been way too long since my last trip there.

I do have a friend in my prayers tonight as she and her husband are vacationing in Paris. I wonder if they saw the fire.

My mind is really wandering, so I hope my post is at least coherent 🙂

Hopefully the cathedral was not damaged so bad that it can’t be rebuilt. It is definitely a landmark in Paris.

Back to tonight. The restoration process has started but was slowed by Covid-19 earlier this year. The cleanup is still in progress as it is a very difficult process to remove the damaged scaffolding and damaged structural elements of the building.

The structure will be restored to how it looked before the fire although many different new designs were evaluated

Now back to watching the show.



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