Mowing after Dark

Tonight I did some mowing after dark.

Mowing, tall grass, yardwork, Mowing after darkI took a picture of my yard on my way back from the mailbox earlier today. I really wanted to mow earlier in the day, but was very busy with work today.

Mowing, tall grass, yardwork, Mowing after darkYou can see that the grass is thick and tall, especially in the side yard.

It has been awhile since I have been able to mow because of the very bad air quality. I think also that the falling ash has also helped fertilize the yard.

The last couple days has shown a great improvement in air quality and with the AQI down to 25 I knew I needed to get my mowing done.

However, I have a Psalms study I go to on Thursday night that went for almost two hours and then Jeopardy! was on. I got dressed for yard work during the commercials and was ready to grab a mask and head outside once it was over.

There was still some light from the sky, and I was also able to see some areas from the garage and street lights. I quickly mowed, but will have to do more work this weekend to edge and clean up a few more things. The backyard is even worse and will need to be mowed 🙂 But no one sees it but me so it can wait.

Mowing, tall grass, yardwork, Mowing after darkMy camera is real good at capturing light so doesn’t really show how dark it was when I was done. However, you can see that the grass is shorter.

Mowing, tall grass, yardwork, Mowing after darkYou couldn’t see the grass this well without the camera, but it looks like I did a pretty good job. It will be interesting to see how it looks in the morning. Did I miss anything.

I was able to see enough with the garage and street lights to sweep the sidewalk and driveway. The wind was blowing a bit which helped move the grass, leaves and ash along.

charging car, hybrid, juicing it upIt was a good thing that I was in the garage as I discovered I hadn’t plugged my car in from my last trip to the library. I will need a full charge tomorrow as I will be heading to the office for the first time in six months. I will also need to use gas for the first time since I drove home that last day from the office before the shelter in place.


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