Eight Years Ago

Tonight I am remembering what I wrote eight years ago. That night while packing I came up with an interesting post about The Packing Formula.

CRC Standard Mathematical TablesSince that time I have written more posts about The Packing Formula as I have applied it many times over the years.

However, it has now been quite some time since I last had to use the formula.

Night at Netanya, Israel, Sunset over Mediterranean SeaThe trip that I was packing for that night was one that has changed how I spend my vacations. I was packing for my first trip to Israel.

The trip actually got off to a bit of a bad start with a cancelled flight and some re-routing, but I still ended up getting to Tel Aviv before the rest of the tour group.

It was nice to spend the first Night at Netanya where we were welcomed with a great sunset.

Garden of Gethsemane, Olive Trees, Old Olive Trees, Holy Land FloraIt was a great trip visiting places that would later help the Bible come alive as I read it.

Places like the Garden of Gethsemane.

Or a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee.

Lachish - Assyrians - Siege Ramp - Dig - ShephelahWe also visited Lachish where I would later spend four weeks over two summers on an archaeological dig.

Tel Hazor City Gates Solomon, tel Hazor, North of Galilee, ArchaeologyWe also visited Hazor which is a place where I may dig in the future. Perhaps next summer if all goes well.

I made some great friends on the trip and two years later I went to Turkey with some of them. Then came the trips to Israel for the digs and also another tour. This all got started with this trip eight years ago.

You can read more about my trips to Israel by clicking on the Israel Page above or on the link here: Israel

I just looked at the page and noticed that I really should update it with posts from my trip last summer.

Hopefully I will be applying the Packing Formula again next summer.


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