Post Number 3,000

Tonight I am writing post number 3,000 for Braman’s Wanderings.

This post has snuck up on me, and I just happened to notice that this would be number 3,000.

blog milestones, 3k, 2999, postsI was actually trying to figure out what to post about tonight, so now I have something.

It is really hard to believe that I have written 3,000 posts. Of course, many of the posts have just been about everyday life like yard work, weather, trips to the library, haircuts and food.

However, I have also written some well researched posts which have received thousands of visits over time.

all time stats, posts, visits, comments, blog statsI have had 510, 736 views and 9,023 comments on the blog since I started it in May of 2012. It will take a long time to get to the next big milestone of 1 million views. At the current rate of views it will not be until 2028.

blog visits map, world map, blog statsThe vast majority of visits to the blog have been from the United States, but I have received visits from 212 different countries/locations. You can see from the map above that there are very few empty places on the map. You would have to look close to see that North Korea is missing, but you can definitely see that I am missing a few countries in Africa.

I am still finding things to write about, so will continue posting every day. I really need to get some of my research out of my head, and you would think that spending so much time at home would allow me to do this.

However, being at home can be very distracting 🙂

There is always another book to read, something to organize, something to watch on TV or something to research. You know how my mind wanders. I just need to focus 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed at least a few of my 3,000 posts.



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