Favorite Sunsets

Tonight I will share some of my favorite sunset pictures. We have had very weird skies at sunset over the last few weeks because of the fires, so I wanted to look at some more normal sunsets tonight.

I also don’t like seeing a reddish colored moon high in the sky. The smoke is much denser higher in the atmosphere and you can tell how bad by the color of the moon.

California Aqueduct, California Drought, Water, Sunset, Mount DiabloHere is a sunset from about five years ago. I like the way Mount Diablo is silhouetted against the sunset and the reflection of the sky in the aqueduct.

Harvest of Progress - Sculpture - Tracy, California - Sunset and SilhouettesHere is a sunset from seven years ago with the Harvest of Progress sculpture silhouetted against the sky.

California Sunset - Central Valley - Water Canal - Mount DiabloHere is another aqueduct sunset picture from seven years ago. In this picture the sun had dropped below the horizon so there was not much reflection from the water.

California Sunset, Altamont, Mount Diablo, rails to sunsetHere is another sunset that is close to home. I took this while out for a walk three years ago. I like the way that the sun is reflected off the railroad tracks.

colorful sky, sunset, sunday night, red skyThis sunset picture was taken last January in Patterson just before Sunday night services. The rainy season is really when we expect to see spectacular sunsets.

I hope you enjoyed these normal sunsets.


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