Front Yard Sky Views

Tonight I will share some recent views of the sky from my front yard.

We have had some interesting views of the sky in the last several weeks. This is due to the wildfires raging here in California.

smoky sunset, california, wildfires.The smoke from the fires is resulting in some colorful skies in the late afternoon and evening.

smoke filled sky, california wildfiresHere you can see the smoky sky.

Luckily it has been much clearer at ground level although the smell of smoke has been quite strong. I believe that this is partly because we are close enough to the fires that the smoke does not have time to settle down as it blows over.

smoky day, red sky, early sunsetHere you can see the sun is really obscured by the smoke and we have a colorful sky way too early in the evening.

purple sky, violet sky, pink sky, sunsetHere we see a sky full of pink, purple and violet color. This means that the sun has dropped below the horizon. The color here is mainly from light reflecting off of smoke in the air.

sunset,, california, wildfiresHere the sunset is a little more normal. You can see clear skies above and more red in the sunset. The last few days have been much clearer as the wind has shifted in a favorable direction for us.

clear night skys, wildfire respite, moonWe even had mostly clear skies two nights ago and could clearly see the moon.

Thankfully the Delta breeze has come back as overnight it clears out the smoke, especially at ground level. It also drops the temperatures into the 60’s which helps with cooling the house.

I like the colorful skies, but not what has been causing them.





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