McDonald’s Memories

Today my thoughts wandered to my first McDonald’s memories.

With a little help from Google Street View I have a few pictures to share to help illustrate my memories.

ottumwa, iowa, mcdonald's, TV station, memoriesMy first McDonald’s memory is from Ottumwa, Iowa where we moved shortly after I was born. The McDonald’s was way across town, but I do remember going there a few times if we were visiting the post office, bank or other businesses downtown.

I am not sure when the McDonald’s closed, but the building is still standing and has been a TV station for more than 25 years. I remember visiting a friend who worked at the TV station way back then.

We didn’t visit the McDonald’s too often as we had a much better choice closer to home. When we went out to eat it was at Henry’s.

I also found out that there was a significant law suit concerning the first McDonald’s in Ottumwa that helped shape policy on franchises.

Irving Grade School, Ottumwa Iowa, Five Corners, McDonalds, Old Brick SchoolHere is Irving Grade School where I went to Kindergarten and First Grade. This was taken several years after the school closed. Later after we left Ottumwa the school was torn down and was replaced by a McDonald’s.

Ottumwa, Iowa, Five Corners, McDonalds, MemoriesHere is the McDonald’s that was built there. I did visit it one time when I was back in Ottumwa many years ago. I just wanted to say that I had been there. Of course, there were other more important places to go eat at in Ottumwa.

Ottumwa McDonalds, Five Corners, Memories, Irving Grade SchoolThe building was replaced with a new one a few years ago, and now has a modern look. I miss seeing the classic red roofs at the McDonald’s as many of them are now gone.

Dodge City, Kansas, McDonald's, Stagecoach, Boot HillMy next memory is the McDonald’s in Dodge City. We would sometimes stop and eat here when we went to Dodge City for shopping or to events. However, we were more likely to eat at Hardee’s which was closer to where we went shopping. Hardee’s also had a great roast beef sandwich that we all liked.

I also like this view because we see the Dodge City grain elevator. I always remember the picture of wheat heads on the end of it.

Dodge City, Kansas, McDonald's, Stagecoach, Boot HillWhat I really remember about the Dodge City McDonald’s is the stagecoach. We always hoped that the table would be empty when we ate there as it was fun to think we were riding in the stagecoach.

The McDonald’s is right across the highway from Boot Hill and I learned that the stagecoach is now on display there.

Dodge City, Kansas, McDonald's, Stagecoach, Boot HillA few years ago this McDonald’s was also rebuilt to the new style. However, you can still see the wheat heads on the end of the grain elevator.

I of course have many more McDonald’s memories as I have eaten at them around the world. But, they will have to wait.

What is your first McDonald’s memory?



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2 Responses to McDonald’s Memories

  1. We too have a Western theme.
    The McDonald restaurant chain has become a theme itself .

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