Historic Dublin Reflections

Tonight my thoughts turned toward some pictures I took eight years ago in Dublin, California. So, I decided to share a few pictures from the Dublin Heritage Park area.

Old St. Raymond's ChurchThe Old St. Raymond Church building was built in 1859 and is the oldest Catholic church building in Alameda County, California. The building is now part of the Dublin Heritage Center in Dublin, California.

A window in the Old Murray Schoolhouse reflects the church building along with a majestic Eucalyptus tree.

California Poppy - Eschscholzia californica - California State Flower - Dublin Pioneer CemeteryBehind the schoolhouse and church building is the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery. One of the first people buried in the cemetery was Tom Donlon who fell to his death while helping build the church building. Many notable members of the Dublin community were buried in the cemetery. As you walk through the cemetery and read the names on the tombstones, you also find out that many of the streets and schools in the town were named after early Dublin residents.

California Poppy - Eschscholzia californica - The State Flower of CaliforniaOne of the best California Poppy pictures I took was in the cemetery.

Calla Lily, white flower,I also took a picture of this Calla Lily in the cemetery.

Pink liliesLycoris squamigera or more commonly know as resurrection lilies.

I also took pictures of these Lycoris squamigera which are more commonly know as resurrection lilies.

Well, my mind wandered from the original subject of the post tonight.

I hope you enjoy the nice flower pictures.



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