Butterflies flitted into my thoughts tonight, so I thought I would share some previous butterfly pictures from Braman’s Wanderings.

African Monarch, Animals, Butterfly, Canada, caterpillar, Danaus chrysippus, Malayan Woods, milkweed, Toronto Zoo, ZooOne of my very first blog posts was about butterflies. Visit Butterfly Picture Surprise to see what the surprise was in this picture.

Paper Kite Butterflies, Idea leuconoe, Toronto Zoo, Maylayan Woods PavilionHere is a beautiful Paper Kite Butterfly.

Golden Helicon (Heliconius hecale) - Butterfly - Henry Doorly Zoo - Omaha NebraskaI really like this Golden Helicon (Heliconius hecale). The color is so vibrant.

Papilio rutulus, western tiger swallowtail, butterflyThe most recent picture I have taken of a butterfly is this western tiger swallowtail (Papilio rutulus). See: Butterfly on my Agapanthus

When You Look in the Heart of a Rose - Old Sheet Music 1919 - Marian Gillespie - Florence Methven - RosesI had to sneak this picture in as well. Can you see the little pink butterfly below the rose? This picture was in a post about Old Sheet Music. Now that I am thinking about old sheet music I may have to look through my collection for more covers to share.

I hope you enjoyed these butterfly pictures.



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