Licking TB

This week I was searching through some of my files and ran across an interesting brochure from the National Tuberculosis Association.

The fight against the spread of Tuberculosis has a long history and is still ongoing in some areas of the world. I even remember having to take a tuberculosis test as a college entrance requirement.

Over time there have been many advances in the testing and treatment of tuberculosis. Many drugs and vaccines have been developed and used for the treatment of tuberculosis and some of them had serious side effects over time.

Here is an interesting look into what was happening 70 years ago in 1951 with tuberculosis testing and treatment.

Tuberculosis, germs, medicine, testing, treatmentEveryone is getting tested.

Tuberculosis, germs, medicine, testing, treatmentIsolation for treatment.

Tuberculosis, germs, medicine, testing, treatmentTB is catching.

I really like this page as it shows a positive outlook on the isolation . The patient here is taking lessons so that when he goes back to work he can get a promotion.

Tuberculosis, germs, medicine, testing, treatmentLife can get back to normal after recovery.

Definitely some things to think about after looking through this brochure.



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