More Great Brain

This post is a follow up to the post I wrote about The Great Brain by John D. Fitzgerald? When I was a kid, I really liked this book and the ones that followed in the series.

For more about the overall series you can click on the link in the sentence above to read my previous post.

Mercer Mayer, John D. Fitzgerald, The Great BrainI had some of the books in the series here at home and read them earlier while sheltering in place.

Once the library was back open for curbside pickup I looked to see if I could request the ones I hadn’t read earlier.

me and my little brain, great brain, John Fitzgerald, adenville Utah

Me and My Little Brain was the third book in the series and was published in 1971. In this book Tom (The Great Brain) is off at boarding school. In this book the little brother J.D., who is the narrator of all the books, is the star. He has some interesting adventures and at the end catches the bad man.

Great Brain, John Fitzgerald, children's literatureThe Great Brain Reforms is the fifth book in the series and was published in 1973. I have just finished reading the book above and this is next in line for my read in the back yard while getting some sun book.

I do remember that in this one Tom gives up his moneymaking schemes and reforms. Due to his Great Brain, Tom is always coming up with ways to best the other kids.

The library system does not have a copy of The Great Brain does it Again which was published in 1975. It will soon be the only book in the series that I haven’t read recently.

Uncle Will and the Fitzgerald Curse, John Fitzgerald, books, Utah, MormonsI also found another book by John D. Fitzgerald in the library catalog and requested it. Uncle Will & the Fitzgerald Curse is about his uncle who lived an interesting life. I am looking forward to reading this one. I also may have to find copies of Papa Married a Mormon and Mamma’s Boarding House.

Uncle Will is also in The Great Brain series as the town Marshall, which was one of his jobs in real life.

I have really enjoyed reading these again from an adult perspective. It is good to read books again after many years as even though the books don’t change your perspective does.





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