Taipei BBQ

During the past couple weeks I have been watching a Taiwanese drama on Netflix, so have been thinking of a trip that I took to Taipei ten years ago. Many of the street scenes in the show have reminded me of my trip there.

Taiwan, Taepei, BBQ, RestaurantOne thing I remember is a BBQ dinner that I had on my last night in Taipei. The service manager took me out to dinner to thank me for the training that I provided.

BBQ Box, charcoal, coals, foodThe dinner started with a box of coals being brought to the table.

steak and sea food, Taiwan, Taipei BBQ, foodThey also brought plates of vegetables, meat and seafood.

bbq, taipei, grill, beef, foodWe grilled our own food on the coals. Luckily I had someone with me that was experienced in how long to let the items cook.

bbq, grill, fish, seafood, Taipei, Taiwan, foodThe food was really good and I really enjoyed the ambience of the restaurant and cooking our own food. Here you can see that you have to be careful as sometimes the coals would flare up. At the left you can see one of the small fish that we grilled.

whole fish, fish bones, Grill, BBQ fish, Taiwanese cuisine, foodThe fish was really good. I picked the bones clean except for the tail and head.

A nice memory, and now I am hungry. I may need a snack before I go to bed 🙂


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