Each night this week has been a bit noisier than the one before.

Fireworks 2014, Tracy, California, Firework Lightning, Purple FireworksNot just the crackle of safe and sane fireworks, but the big booms of illegal fireworks.

Fireworks, four shells, purple, orange, Best Fireworks, Tracy, CaliforniaI know that many people are disappointed that public displays are being cancelled and they still want to see bursts of color in the sky.

Tracy Fireworks, 2017 fireworks, 4th of July, Independence DayThis is really not a new issue, as we hear the loud bang of illegal fireworks every year. However, this year there seems to be even more.

Perhaps it is because we have some new residents in our neighborhood, but from news reports it is much worse this year throughout the entire area.

Tracy Fireworks, 2017 fireworks, 4th of July, Independence DayTo me this goes along with so many other things that people are doing that are illegal. It really doesn’t seem to matter to many people what the regulations are.

Fire Works - 4th of July - Most Liked Posts - Holiday FireworksThere are definitely reasons for the regulating of fireworks. Just as there are for many recent restrictions we are facing in other areas of our lives.

The illegal fireworks are really a danger as it is very dry here in the summer. There is also a higher chance of injury and the loud noises are very stressful for some people.

I wonder if the people disregarding the restrictions on fireworks are also doing the same with other important restrictions?

I can at least take some precautions from the fireworks. I am making sure that I keep my yard from drying out so that stray sparks don’t start a fire.

Please make sure you are taking precautions from other dangers as well.





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1 Response to Boom

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    As an artist by heart, with gifts of art supplies at birthday and holidays, using now the rools I have. The sky last night was colored with designs and lights. Using my phone as a flashlight, I sketched the shapes of the night works. Several looking a pond shape, the stories I have , now can include personalized illustrations. I have plans for a children’s picture book. Tonight if weather allows, same plans.

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