Virtually in Australia Again

This evening I was virtually in Australia again presenting a webinar for another group of engineers.

It was good to see some of the students who have attended my courses over the years. However, it would have been much nicer to be there in person.

Since I was virtually in Australia again I thought I would share just a few more images that are wandering through my mind tonight.

Sydney Harbour - February 2014 - Winter Olympics Sochi - Winter Olympics in SummerI am thinking of Sydney Harbour and views of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. I always enjoy spending time there on the weekend during my visits.

Katoomba, Australia, Blue Mountains, NatureI am thinking of a visit I made to the Blue Mountains National Park. There were some beautiful views there. It was an exhausting day with a lot of hiking up and down the cliffs.

Luzon Bleeding-Heart PigeonI am again thinking of the Taronga Zoo, one of my favorite zoos in the world. I really like their bird enclosures and here is one of my favorite pictures of a Luzon Bleeding-Heart Pigeon.

Original lemon, solo, Australian drink, soda, Lemon SodaI am thinking of a nice cold can of Solo. One of my favorite soft drinks which I only see in Australia.

Massamum Beef Curry - Go Hun Thai Food - Turmeric Curry - Australian Thai FoodI am thinking about Thai Food Thursday which is always a tradition when I visit the office in Sydney. However, even though it was Thursday here it was Friday in Australia.

Hmm, I was working in the future 🙂

The Massamum Beef Curry shown above is really delicious.

There are many more things that I am thinking about in Australia, but I will stop here. You can see a few more Australia thoughts from earlier in the week at Virtually in Australia.

Daintree tea, tea leaves, black teaHere is my tea for the webinar. This is Daintree black tea which is grown in Australia. It is really good with a bit of cream and sugar.

See: The Right Tea for the Webinar

A lot of memories connected to this webinar.


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