Virtually in Australia

Tonight I was virtually in Australia as I presented a webinar for engineers there.

Since I was virtually in Australia I thought I would share just a few images that are wandering through my mind tonight.

Sydney Opera House, Winter, Sunset, Sydney, AustraliaI am thinking of course of the Sydney Opera House as it is one of the most iconic images of Australia. This picture was the background for my video feed tonight.

Laughing Kookabura - Dacelo novaeguineae - Giant Kingfisher - Kookaburra Tail FeathersI am thinking of Kookaburras. I spotted this one along Shrimpton’s Creek near our office in Sydney.

Taronga Zoo - Sydney Harbour - Sydney Australia - Opera House - Zoo with a ViewI am thinking of the Taronga Zoo, one of my favorite zoos in the world.

Nando's Fix, Nando's, Australia, Macquarie CentreI am thinking of Nando’s which is one of my favorite chicken chains. They need to expand in more places in the US than just around Chicago and Washington D.C.

Macquarie Church of Christ - North Ryde, NSW, Australia - Large treeI am thinking of my friends who worship with the Macquarie Church of Christ which I visit while I am there.

There are many more things that I am thinking about in Australia, but I will stop here. Perhaps I will share more on Thursday when I have another webinar scheduled.

Dong Ding Oolong, Rolled tea leaves, Oolong, Taiwan Tea

I had my tea picked out for the webinar. I decided to have some nice Ding Dong Oolong Tea which I bought during my last visit there. I have another session on Thursday night and will perhaps then have a cup of an Australian grown tea.

See: The Right Tea for the Webinar

A lot of memories connected to this webinar.


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