Daily Flower Check

While sheltering in place for the past three months I have made it part of my routine to do a daily flower check.

Each day I take a look at my flowers and see if I can get some interesting pictures.

Tonight I will share some pictures from a few days ago.

agapanthus, yard, flowers, backyardI always check my agapanthus to see how it is progressing. It has been nice to see it change as the scapes grew and opened. The larger ones are getting close to peak bloom.

agapanthus, flower, petals, backyardHere is a closeup of one of the small flowers. You can see in the background that some of the flowers have already wilted. I really like this picture with the out of focus fence as a background.

roses, rose bush, red rose, Mr. Linclon RoseHere is a beautiful bloom on my Mister Lincoln rose bush. I really love these roses as they have such a wonderful and strong fragrance.

green rose petals, st. patrick rose, yellow rose, rose gardenHere is a beautiful yellow rose on my St. Patrick rose bush. Can you see the green tinge to the outer petals?

St. Patrick Rose, green petals, rose, yellow roseHere is another beautiful St. Patrick rose. These roses last a long time and in the heat this week will most likely dry out and look like parchment.

Now to get some rest before a full slate of meetings tomorrow. It will be a long day but I will still get my flower check in.


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