Family Friends X – Albums

Tonight I will share some albums recorded by family friends.

These are all records that were recorded long ago and part of what I listened to growing up.

The Other Side, Album, Walt Fagen, Memories, Gospel, The Other Side is an album recorded by Dennis Johnson, Mary Joyce Fagen and Walter Fagen. I have many memories of visiting the Fagen family and some of them came flooding back while listening to the album tonight. Our family friendship goes way back to What Cheer, Iowa where the Fagens’ attended the church where my Grandfather preached.

Sing unto the lord, Psalms 104:33, Gee TwinsSing unto the Lord is with the Gee twins and Margaret. I of course have many memories of Margaret as she was my piano teacher. The Gee twins are also long time family friends. Sandra Gee James and Barbara Gee Prilliman were the twins.

Listening to this album tonight had special significance as Barbara passed away earlier this month.

Gospel LIghts Quartet, Lymann Lalk, Marion Payne, Randy Kirkman, Kevin CorderThe Gospel Lights Quartet consisted of Kevin Corder, Marion Payne, Randy Kirkman and Lyman Lalk. I remember listening to them sing in person when I was young. I guess you can probably tell about what time period that was by the way they are dressed 🙂

Listening to this album as I write this is bringing back many memories.

Vandeveer Singers, Gospel Quartets, Gospel Groups, Vandeveer SingersOther great albums by family friends are by the Vandeveer Singers. I will not write much here as I wrote more extensively about them in Family Friends VIII – Leland Vandeveer.

Leland and his wife Merna were two of the original members of a singing group called The Gateway Singers. I also have many of their albums and will write about them sometime in the future.

I was talking to my brother last night about the Vandeveer family and we shared some great memories.

Now back to listening to some good music.






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