From the Yard

Just a few images tonight from the yard as it has been a long day.

St. Patrick Rose, Yellow Rose, Green Rose, rose bushesHere is a bloom on my St. Patrick rose bush. Can you see the petals with the greenish tint?

burnt rose leaves, hot weather, 100 plus tempsHere is what happens to rose leaves if it is very hot when they are first opening. This one really got burnt. We recently had temps well over 100 degrees and my roses suffered.

stepping stones, moved stepping stones, yard workEarlier this week I removed a series of stepping stones from my side yard. I could no longer walk on some of them because they were too close to my Mister Lincoln rose bush. I will let grass fill in over time.

side yard, stepping stones. yard workI moved the stepping stones into an area on the side of the house that doesn’t get any water from the sprinklers. I will have to clean them off and arrange them better. I may also get a few more this summer to better fill in the area.

agapanthus, opening, flowersMore of my agapanthus pods are opening. I caught this one early in the process.

agapanthus, backyard, yardwork, flowersThe first pod to open is progressing well and some of the flowers are starting to open.

agapanthus, backyard, yardwork, flowersI just really liked this picture so thought I would use it to close out the post.

The little flowers are going to be so pretty.


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2 Responses to From the Yard

  1. PsychoGirl19 says:

    Amazing..Hope you also visit my blog and give me some feedback as i am a beginner and your feedback matters me a lot!!

  2. Pastor Cathy says:

    You put in a great deal of effort.

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