Zoom Backgrounds

It is interesting to go to virtual meetings and classes and to see the backgrounds that people show. Many people have discovered virtual backgrounds so they can hid cluttered or boring backgrounds when they are on video.

In Zoom it is easy to customize your background with your own pictures, but in Teams you have to know where to put the pictures. However, Teams will soon have functionality which will make it easier to upload your own pictures.

Ferris Wheel, Jena Germany, Christmas MarketThis has been one of my favorite backgrounds. The apps automatically adjust the picture to fit the video inset, and in this case it is possible for me to sit with my head in the middle of the Ferris wheel and the colored lights radiating out of my head. It is quite interesting.Round Gateway, Jena, Germany, Lobeda WestAnother one I have used is this round opening with a fall scene behind it.

Walk to Work, trees in fogIt is also nice to have a foggy background sometimes.

October Sunset California Red Sky SilhouettesAnother one I want to try is a nice sunset picture. It may be nice for late afternoon meetings as a hint to the leader that you are ready for the end of the day.

historic stone bridge, jena germany, burgau bridgeI was using this one earlier this evening, but it was interesting that it flipped the image and the sign was on the left and the wording was backwards.  I will have to remember not to pick pictures that have text.

What interesting virtual backgrounds have you seen in your meetings?


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