Around the World Picture Challenge

Tonight I have been thinking of several places around the world.

I have been working to schedule a series of webinars for students in different countries around the world. It is challenging because of the different time zones involved. I will have to be up real early for some and stay up very late for others.

So, here are some images that I took while visiting some of the countries I have been working with today.

Can you identify which countries they are from these images?

Edo Castle, Stone Bridge, Seimon Ishibashi, Reflections, MoatNumber 1

Chamundi Hills, Mahishasura, Mysore, Sunset, DemonNumber 2

Rhinos, south Africa, White RhinocerosNumber 3

Hot Air Ballons - Cappadocia - Rock formations - Kapadokya BalloonsNumber 4

Pembroke College, Cambridge University, Library, Pembroke LibraryNumber 5

Blue Mountains - Australia - Rock Formation - Katoomba - GeologyNumber 6

I will most likely have a follow-up post sometime soon with the answers and a bit about each place where the pictures were taken.


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2 Responses to Around the World Picture Challenge

  1. Great post love the pictures have a grest day

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