Tonight I am thinking about horses. I have several Facebook friends who work with horses and some of their posts today have me thinking of horses.

So, I am looking back through some old posts and sharing some of my favorite horse pictures.

Horse, Grandpa, farm, family, IowaHere is a picture that I think of as Harry and His Horse. This is my grandfather and his horse. I really like this picture.

Amish House, 8 horse hitch, Arthur Illinois, Tom Vance, Moving Amish House, Belgian Horses, Amish Horse, Tom VanceThis picture taken by Tom Vance is of Belgian horses getting ready to pull my 3rd Great Grandfather Moses Yoder’s house to a new location where it will be renovated and used as a museum. It is the oldest Amish house in Illinois. Someday I hope to visit it near Arthur, Illinois.

Horses, field, Germany, Jena, countrysideI really like these two horse who were in a large field near Jena, Germany. It was fun to watch the dark horse gallop around the enclosure.

Golan Heights - Syrian Border - Horses - Border Conflict - DruzeThese horses were in the Golan Heights just along the border with Syria.

Stalking Horse Bidder - Hostess Brands - Dolly Madison - TwinkiesThis is one of the best horse pictures I have taken. I took it at the Estancia Santa Susana near Bueno Aires just after returning from Antarctica. My sister and I had a wonderful time visiting this estancia and had a wonderful meal.

Which of these horse pictures is your favorite?


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