I have had a busy evening and am just now getting around to writing a post.

I have many ideas for posts that require a bit of time to prepare pictures and do research for, but not enough time tonight to do so.

So, I was thinking about birds earlier so will just do a quick search through pictures I have already used on the blog and find some birds.

sialia mexicana, western bluebird, bird in puddleI like this little Western Bluebird that is in a puddle.

Sea Gull at Cayucos, CaliforniaHere is a nice Sea Gull flying over the pier at Cayucos, California.

Bird on shore of Galilee, Sea of Galilee, Galilean WildlifeI like this bird that is along the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Western Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia hypugaea), Owls, Big EyesHave you ever seen a Western Burrowing Owl? I usually only see them at night, but one evening I was out for a walk and got a nice shot of one.

Barn Owl, Owl in Flight, Rodent control, Owl at OrchardHere is a nice shot of a Barn Owl.

Luzon Bleeding-Heart PigeonI think that this is a pretty cool looking bird. Have you ever seen a Luzon Bleeding-Heart Pigeon?

Which of these bird pictures do you like the best?


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2 Responses to Birds

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    Braman’s Wanderings

  2. The seagull is my favorite, with the pigeon running a close second!

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