Hostess CupCake Day

Today was Hostess CupCake Day.

Since I am taking the Shelter in Place seriously I did not run out and buy any Hostess CupCakes today. I still have awhile before my next essential trip to the grocery store.

Raspberry chreme filling, CupCakes, Dark ChocolateHowever, I am thinking about the many different varieties of Hostess CupCakes that I have enjoyed over the year.

Pumpkin Spice CupCakes, Hostess, Holiday Theme, CupCakes, Snack CakesOne of my favorites has been Pumpkin Spice CupCakes. Definitely one of the best tasting cakes.

Hostess, Baseball CupCakes, Day Game, Night Game, Chocolate Cake, White CakeThese Baseball CupCakes are reminding me of baseball games I am missing. I really like the way that they had both Night Game and Day Game CupCakes. I would rather have the Day Game ones.

Caramel Apple CupCakes, Hostess snack cakes, fall foodI also really liked the Caramel Apple CupCakes. Hopefully they will have them again this year.

limited edition cupcakes, hostess cupcakes, llamas, andean cultureThe most recent ones I had were Llama CupCakes. I actually finished these after I started my shelter in place time.

I have been trying to be more careful about what I eat while sheltering in place. I have been careful to try and buy mostly healthy foods, which means no Hostess products until I am more active. I have been doing pretty good at watching what I eat and have actually lost weight during the last 50 days of sheltering in place.

However, the Hostess CupCakes may tempt me once restrictions are lifted, especially if I see a new Limited Edition box.



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