A Socially Distanced Mother’s Day

This year was a difficult Mother’s Day for many people.

Although some places in the country are starting to relax social distancing measures there are many places where people are still sheltering in place.

I saw many posts on social media about people missing their normal routine for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day - Mother and Baby - Mother's Day on the Farm - Wellman, IowaOf course for me, the routine was the same. I called my Mother who lives back in Missouri. However, several of my siblings who live near will usually see her on Mother’s Day.

Fairview Church of Christ, Linn, Missouri, Grandpa, FatherSince Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday, there are Mother’s Day services at many churches and families meet together to worship.

zoom, congregation, church, bible study, covid-19

Hopefully many still made it to church services together today, even if it was digital.

I am a bit worried that Mother’s Day came on the first weekend that many places relaxed shelter in place restrictions. Will people disregard the social distancing guidelines that are still in place? Will they gather together in large groups?

My neighbors held a large party today. There were about 10 cars full of people, and some came from out of town. No social distancing was observed. It seemed to be a combination birthday/Mother’s Day celebration. Games were played and music played loudly. I thought it was just a luncheon so I didn’t go out and mow so as not to disturb them. However it turned into an all afternoon event and I finally just had to go out and mow. They seemed to still be able to hear the Bingo numbers while I was mowing.

Will be see a Mother’s Day bump in the curve over the next two weeks? I am sure that my neighbors were not the only ones breaking the shelter in place requirements.




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