Korean Dramas

I have recently been watching some Korean Dramas on Netflix.

Seoul, South Korea - New and Old - Palaces and Skyscrapers - January in SeoulIt is interesting to watch the dramas as I often see things that I saw when I was in South Korea.

One of the dramas was a Historical Drama and most of the scenes were filmed in the palace complexes that I visited.

As I watched the show I would remember my visits there.

Time to Line Up! - Changdeokgung Palace - pumgyeseokIt was interesting to see the different classes line up at the markers in the show. Having been there before helped bring it to life.

Korean BBQ - Small Dishes - meal finished - Korean Food - Remains of the MealAnother interesting thing is to see the food in the shows. It makes me think of all the wonderful food that I had while there.

Dak Galbi - Korean Food - Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken - Lunch in SeoulThis dish is called Dak Galbi. It was an interesting experience to eat as the food was cooked in front of us. Click on the link for more pictures.

See Korean Drama Title Sequence for another post I wrote about a Korean Drama.

It is also interesting to watch these shows as they are all subtitled. I have to pay close attention or I miss some of the dialogue. On the plus side, I am starting to learn a little bit of Korean.

Now to go watch another episode of the one I am currently watching.


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