While looking around my backyard this week I found an interesting looking spiderweb in my Agapanthus bush.

agapanthus, spider web, spiders, backyardIt was difficult to get a good picture, but here it is.

This made me think of spiders tonight, so will share some pictures of spiders or webs I have taken through the years.

Black Widow Spider - Arachnid - Scary Anthropoda - Poisonous SpiderHere is a black widow that I captured in my garage. It is hard to get pictures of them as they scurry away to hide when they feel vibrations.

I took this picture of a spider at the Golden Palms in Bangalore, India.

Orb Spider - Spider in Australia - Spider Web - Garden SpiderThis orb spider has a pretty cool web. This picture was taken in North Ryde, Australia.

Spider on Web, Walk, Path, crittersHere is another spider weaving a web in Cambridge, England.

Charlotte's Web, Spider Web, Orb Spider, Wilbur, Newbery Honor book,This is one of my favorite spiderweb pictures. I used it long ago in a post about Charlotte’s Web.

Cobweb, Jena, Germany, Cemetery, spider, spider webHere is another nice spiderweb picture. This one was taken in Jena, Germany.

I hope that you enjoyed the beauty instead of of being grossed out by spiders.


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