Shelter in Place Extended

Today the Shelter in Place in the Bay Area was extended through the end of May.

November Roses, Fall Color, Rose Bushes, Tropicana RoseThis will mean more time working from home and preparing for the new normal.

Altamont Crash, Parking on the Altamont, Accident, Commute Nightmare, Altamont, Motorcycle crashIt will mean another month of not commuting over the Altamont. Although I hear that it is a much easier commute now. To be honest I would rather have a bad commute than for everyone to be going through what we are going through.

Rice Maker, Butter Rice, Rice SteamerIt will mean another month of trying to eat healthy at home and keeping active enough to not gain weight.

Actually, I lost a good amount of weight the first two weeks and then have been maintaining the loss. I think that the relief of working from home and not worrying about what was going on really helped.

Ankerstein NF10 - Building Blocks - Manufactured stones - Anchor Stones - Boxes of BlocksIt will mean more time building with Ankerstein. I am building all the structures in each plan book. It will be interesting to see how many boxes I get through before I start working from the office again.

zoom, communion, Lord's Supper, church, covid-19It will mean more Zooming to Church before we are able to meet again in person.

grocery shoping, small trunk, bags, hyveeIt will mean a few more essential trips to the grocery store and trying to figure out how to best optimize my purchases to keep those trips to a minimum.

Mister LIncoln rose, red rose, fragrant rose, first red roses, rose gardenIt will also mean more time to spend in my yard each day during breaks and lunch.

I have been trying to make sure I get a lot of Vitamin D as studies have shown a corelation between Vitamin D levels and the severity of viruses.

Now for some sleep before piloting a new distance learning presentation tomorrow morning.



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