Zooming to Church

While sheltering in place I have been Zooming to church services. I first Zoomed to a nearby congregation for a couple weeks. However, when I found out that my friend John, who preaches in Toronto, was starting a Zoom service I have been Zooming there.

zoom, communion, Lord's Supper, church, covid-19Here I am setup ready for the service. I have my unleavened bread and grape juice all ready for the Lord’s Supper.

I use my laptop as a holder for my i-Pad so I can position it a little easier.

I gave the Lord’s Supper talk this morning and one of the things I mentioned was that Christian’s around the world are all still “doing this in remembrance of me” each Sunday just as they have before.

Unfortunately because of limitations of the technology it is difficult to sing together. That is one thing that I will definitely look forward to once we can meet in person again.

I know most of the attendees as I have visited John quite a few times over the years, so it is good to see all of them. I am also getting to know some new people as there are also others that drop in from other places.

zoom, congregation, church, bible study, covid-19I also attend a Tuesday night class with the church in Toronto. We sometimes have people from four countries in the class.

Also, my own congregation recently started a Zoom devotional on Wednesday night so I am also attending it. I missed the first one the week before last, but it was so good to see everyone this Wednesday night.

It is an interesting dynamic worshiping via Zoom. I will be so glad when we will be able to worship together in person again.


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