Out Again

Tonight it was time for another much needed essential trip.

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Discontinued - Butter Top - Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Flowers Foods - Regional Brand - Return of Home Pride I ran out of both bread and milk today and that meant it was time to go to the grocery store.

Drinking Milk, Milk from the jug, Water SavingI was also lucky to get two gallons of milk with dates of May 14, so will probably not need to go to the grocery store again until mid-May. By then perhaps the restrictions will start to be lifted.

Winco, Covid 19, essential trip, grocery store, shelter in placeI went so that I arrived an hour before closing as I knew that there would a lot less people in the store. It was easy to keep my distance and I only wore my neckerchief when I was near others.

cheese, yoghurt, noosa, laughing cow, old croc, cottage cheeseI was able to pick up my normal perishables.

Pi Day, 3.14159, Rounded Pi Day, Pie, Meat PieI also picked up some items to fill up the spaces that have come open in my freezer. I had a craving for a pot-pie earlier this week so decided to get a few. I usually have one or two in my freezer, but had eaten them a few weeks ago. I have been diligently trying to use up stuff in my freezer.

grocery shoping, small trunk, bags, hyveeSo, Bluey had a full trunk again, and I am set for a few more weeks of sheltering in place.

I had an interesting call with a colleague from Germany this morning. He told me that there was an interesting saying that is starting to be used in Germany to say goodbye at meetings or phone calls with friends.

“Stay negative”

Of course, that means stay negative for Covid-19.

Make sure you keep a positive attitude though 🙂


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