Tax Day

Tomorrow is April 15 which is normally the deadline for filing taxes.

Of course this year the deadline for filing taxes has been extended because of Covid 19.

I still have not done my taxes, but did at least round up some of the things I need for them over the weekend. I also found the tax software sent to me earlier this year.

Since I am thinking of taxes I decided to share some of what I have written previously here on Braman’s Wanderings.

Thinking about the upcoming tax deadline I thought of this old editorial cartoon by Frank Andrea Miller.

Frank Andrea Miller - Easier Taxes - Editorial Cartoon - Cartoonist - Frank Miller - Des Moines RegisterPerhaps the Old Way was Unfair – But it Certainly was Simpler

Miller went medieval for this cartoon. I really like the image at the top with the Knight asking for half of  the peasants turnips. They were probably lucky if they only had to give half.

In the bottom half of the cartoon we see the familiar 1040 Form. Of course many changes have been made since 1960. But, the headaches and complicated forms are still there.

The first 1040 Form was introduced for the 1913 tax year, and was due on March 15, 1914. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1040 Form.

I remember as a kid watching and later helping my Dad fill out the tax forms. I learned about depreciation, interest and other tax matters as I helped him.

This was long before computers and tax software. I can remember calculating mortgage and interest payments on property that my Dad was selling to others on contract. I would use a calculator and run through the same formula over and over. Today a simple formula in Excel could be set up in less than the time it takes to type this paragraph.

My taxes are not too complicated. Getting motivated to find all the tax forms is the hard part.

My taxes are a bit more complicated this year due to some credits for buying my new car. However, I am sure that my tax software will walk me right through it.

I still have three months, so no motivation yet 🙂 But, I should get them done while I am sheltering in place.

It is a good thing it is not 1914, as the deadline would have already passed.

When do you do your taxes? Are you an early bird or do you wait for the last day?


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