Alexander Campbell Mansion

Tonight I will share a few pictures and postcards from the Alexander Campbell Mansion in Bethany, West Virginia.

Alexander Campbell, Restoration Movement, postcards, linen era, Bethany West VirginiaThe postcards date from the Linen Era when postcards had a high rag content and a linen like finish. The cards were also very colorful due to the dyes they used at the time.

The postcards are most likely from the 30’s or 40’s as the Linen Era came to an end in the mid 40’s. The back of the cards have space for a one cent stamp so would definitely have been printed before 1952.

Alexander Campbell Study, Bethany West Virginia, Restoration MovementHere is the study used by Alexander Campbell at Bethany. It was built in 1836.

The postcards were also with a set of photographs that were taken when Donald G. Hunt and his family visited the site. Brother Hunt was on the faculty of Midwestern School of Evangelism where three generations of my family were students.

Alexander Campbell Study, Bethany, West Virginia, Donald G. Hunt, Restoration MovementHere is Donald G. Hunt standing in front of the Campbell study with his two eldest sons. Based on how old the two sons look, this must have been in about 1953 or 1954.

Campbell Mansion, Alexander Campbell, Bethany West Virginia, Restoration MovementHere is the postcard showing the Campbell mansion.

Alexander Campbell Mansion, Restoration Movement 1950'sThe picture is from a different angle, but you can tell that it is the same building. I like the colorful postcard much better.

There are some more pictures and postcards in the set, but I will save them for another post. I also plan on using some of them in posts about Restoration Movement History. I just need to do a lot more research first.



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