More Oak Island Finds

I look forward to Tuesday nights when a new episode of The Curse of Oak Island airs. Tonight was no exception.

Curse of Oak Island, History Channel, Did they find anything?The show is now in a seventh season, and there have been more than 100 episodes.

They always seem to be on the verge of finding something important and they do a good job of hyping the next episode.

Oak Island, treasure, Randal SullivanThe last two seasons however seem to be showing a lot more interesting finds. New structures are being found and they are slowly zeroing in on the location of the original money pit.

Oak Island, Money Pit, National Geographic, Curse of Oak IslandWith 220 years of searching for the treasure the landscape of the area has vastly changed since the money pit was first found in 1799. They have been constantly finding old searcher artifacts, but this year it seems that they are finding many pre-searcher structures that may help determine if a treasure was deposited, and by whom.

The Curse of Oak Island, Randall Sullivan, History ChannelThere is a good book by Randall Sullivan that gives a good history of the different search parties on Oak Island. There are some very interesting theories as to what people have been looking for.

Curse of Oak Island, Mahone Bay, Nova ScotiaIn the episode tonight they continued looking in the swamp, but most of the episode was dedicated to looking at what was coming up form the latest bore hole. They are finding things that look like they may be from the original money pit.

The preview of the next episode shows some very interesting finds that they will have next week. An old tool and wood with Roman numerals on it. This would match wood found earlier that was dated to before the money pit was found.

I will definitely be watching next week.

What will they find next to keep us hooked on the quest?



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