Yoda Puzzle

About two years ago I started putting together a puzzle.

star wars, yoda, puzzleJust looking at the picture I knew that it would be a difficult puzzle. I just didn’t know that it would take me two years to put together.

star wars, yoda, puzzleIt didn’t take too long to put the edges together, although it did take some time to find all the edge pieces.

star wars, yoda, puzzleThere were some easy parts of the puzzle where there were some areas of light colors.

star wars, yoda, puzzleDuring the last two years I would occasionally put a few pieces in, but it was difficult finding pieces so I wouldn’t work on it for too long at a time.

The picture above is from about 10 days ago. I started seeing posts about people doing puzzles while home during this time and figured that I needed to finish the puzzle. I had already been adding a few pieces now and then while listening to conference calls.

star wars, yoda, puzzleI finally finished the puzzle a couple days ago. The last part was really hard as there was not a lot of difference in color or contrast.

I really do like this picture of Yoda. It was also cool that Lego Masters had a Star Wars theme tonight.

Now I can start on another puzzle. The next one will be a bit easier.


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2 Responses to Yoda Puzzle

  1. Congratulations. Always a good feeling to finish a project that drags out for a long time!

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