Spring Flowers

Thinking about nature and spring time tonight so thought I would share some pictures of spring flowers.

California Poppy - Eschscholzia californica - The State Flower of CaliforniaThis is one of my favorite flower pictures. I took this one long ago in the Dublin cemetery.

Calla Lily, white flower,This Calla Lily picture was taken the same day. It was a good day for flower pictures.

Shanghai Bund - Red Lily - Shangai, China - Skyscrapers - Skyline - riversideDo you know where these red lilies were growing? I have seen this skyline many times and seen it change over the past two decades.

Water Lily - Fountain - Dolmabahce Palace - Domabahce SarayiThese water lilies are growing in a fountain in Turkey.

gymea lilies, doryanthes excelsa, Australian lilies, gardeningHave you ever seen Gymea Lilies? These are really beautiful and unique. Do you know where they are endemic to?

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful spring flowers.



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