Spring is Here

Today was the first day of spring. Here in California it has already started to look like spring.

It will be nice to have warmer days, but I hope we can still get some more rain before the end of the wet season.

roses, spring, california, renewal, hopeI am already starting to see buds on my rose bushes.

first rose, miniature rose, rose gardenI even have one rose already. This little yellow rose was named ‘Hope’ by a friend of mine in Canada. It is my first rose of the growing season and gives us hope that we will soon recover from what we are going through.

lilies, cala lilies, spring, hopeI took a walk earlier this week to get some fresh air.

I always like walking past this yard in the spring as they always have a nice bunch of Calla Lilies growing in the flower bed.

spring trees, blossoms, leavesHere is a colorful tree just across the street from where the Calla Lilies are.

iris, blooms, spring, colorful flowers, Caliifornia springIris are also blooming already. I love the pattern of these iris. The dark purple and white petals contrast with the lighter purple ones.

I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow as I need to mow my back yard, but let it rain once I am done.

I was tempted to sneak away from my computer earlier today as the weather was really nice.




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