Last Day of Winter

Today is the last day of winter, and I am looking forward to spring.

Of course, here in California it already is feeling like spring. Especially the allergies from all the pollen.

California winter, rain clouds, gazeboIt was nice this past week to have some rain which has helped reduce the allergens in the air.

I have been sheltering in place and working from home all week, but did take a walk yesterday.

The park nearby is nice and green from the rains.

Winter white earl grey, tea, hot tea, winter teaWhile working from home I have been enjoying some of my many teas. Today I decided that I had to have one last cup of Winter White Earl Grey tea before winter was over.

earl grey, white tea, winter teaThe tea was really good and it kept me going today.

The sun came out today and I spent a little bit of time sitting outside reading. I really needed some sun. I usually get my daily dose of sun while driving to work and I have been missing it this week.

Patterson Hills, Green Hills, winter, central valley californiaI am also missing views like this since I am not commuting over the Altamont. This is one of the prettiest times of year for the hills.

Altamont Hills Summer versus WinterWhich makes me think of this picture. Which side of the picture is winter, and which is summer?

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and I plan on sharing some pictures I took this week of the signs of spring.


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