Not Packing Tonight

Today was supposed to be packing day for my next wanderings. However, The Packing Formula was not used today.

Cliffor, Travel prep, suitcase, travel, packing formulaEarlier today there was supposed to be an empty suitcase on my bed ready to be filled.

Packing, Suitcase, Clifford the Big Red SuitcaseThe suitcase should have looked like this about now as I finalized the pack.

SFO, San Francisco International, Home Airport, Customs, ImmigrationTomorrow I was supposed to travel to SFO.

Triple 7, Boeing 777, Flight to Tokyo, SFO - HND, AirplaneInstead of waiting for my flight at SFO I will be working from home preparing for training to be presented via Skype.

I checked the flight status for the flight I was to be on and it will only be about 20% full tomorrow. I am sure that most of the passengers will be Australians heading home.

I still could have flown, but would have to self-quarantine on arrival for 14 days. However, we did cancel the training several weeks ago in an abundance of caution as we knew what might be ahead. We then started working on alternatives plans which will soon start to be implemented.

I had been looking forward to the trip and knowing that it was to start tomorrow makes me just a little sad because of why it had to be cancelled.


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