Which Toilet?

All this talk about toilet paper is making me think of toilets.

Since I travel a lot it is always important to know which toilet to use.

Bay, WC, Toilet, Tuvaletler, Turkish Toilet, TurkeyWhen traveling in Turkey I had to make sure that I used the one with the ‘Bay’ sign. Of course the cartoon picture of a man helped to know which WC to use.

Bayan, Toilet, Turkish Toilet, Tuvalet, ucretsizYou had to be careful to read the whole sign though as ‘Bayan” was for the women.

Bathroom Sign, Which Door, Bathrooms, WC SignsHere was a bathroom sign in Shanghai. Good thing that I know that men wore robes long ago. The mustache also tells me that it is for the men.

Bathroom sign, Bathroom placard, Ladies Room, Women's Bathroom, ChinaOf course there was a big contrast with the sign on the women’s bathroom. I like the fan she is holding.

Herren, Bathroom, Door, WC, German Bathroom SignsI think that this one in Germany is pretty easy to figure out.

However I always have to be careful when just looking at a sign with just the German word for Men’s.

Herren is a bit confusing since it starts with her.

Womens Bathroom, Damen, Bathroom Door, WCHere is the door to the bathroom opposite the one above. Looks like we have a peeping Tom.

Again I have to think twice as the German word for women’s is Damen.

I always think of Saturday Night Live and the skits with da Bears. Here we have da men.



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